collection of entrelac hats

Another hat for the SHOE BOX APPEAL IS FINISHED.
The first one (blue) ended up with a hole in the middle, the second (purple/blue) have tiny small blue centre and the latest one (blue/purple) have very nice purple centre. What i learning progress :-)

my diary is ful

I finished the last page in my diary and i have to say it was interesting journey. When i started i though it was going to be as all the other diaries i started and then left after few pages but this time ... drawing, cutting, tearing, folding, sticking kept me going. I managed to find a way how to express things without worlds and it help enormously.


Blackpool lights

Our last nigh of our holiday we spent in Blackpool and we walked and walked along the promenade and so enjoyed the beach during the day and the lights at night.

what a beautiful landscape

The English weather was good so our camping holiday in York and Lake district was wonderful. I did take my Christmas crochet project with me but ... i couldn't walk through the villages and landscape and work on it and in the evenings the sun went down and it was time for bed.


Shoe box appeal toys

All my Shoe box appeal have faces now :-)

Yes i finally done all the faces on my crochet toys and some look cute, some look ok and some still look scary. The collection is growing steadily and i have to say it is going to be hard to part with some of them, but i know they are for kids for Christmas so i will send them all.