christmas ornaments swap

I received christmas ornaments swap parcell all the way from New York. What a nice parcel - thank you thank you thank you. And as soon as my parcel arrive in Las Vegas i post photos of what i posted.



Our chinchilas are so cute. As wild mouse was recently visiting our house they were not allowed out of the cage but tonight they are going for run - they don't know it yet :-) Usually they run and jump around in our hall and they love to sit on top of the yellow pages and just munch on everything they come across.


I went through some old photos and ... i just love nature, the colours, the contrasts & the beauty.


Swine flue

You real in all paper and see on TV all about Swine flue and you think it is not going to happen to you ... and it did! I was back at university, and within a week i got ill. Very ill. I went to the doctors, thinking it is just a virus but i was shifted into little room, left there alone and then let out of the surgery through the back door - what a nasty virus this must be. Anyway, now it is week later and I'm starting to feel better, i can eat again, no more high temperatures or nasty cough so I'll be back in action Wednesday onwards :-)


collection of entrelac hats

Another hat for the SHOE BOX APPEAL IS FINISHED.
The first one (blue) ended up with a hole in the middle, the second (purple/blue) have tiny small blue centre and the latest one (blue/purple) have very nice purple centre. What i learning progress :-)

my diary is ful

I finished the last page in my diary and i have to say it was interesting journey. When i started i though it was going to be as all the other diaries i started and then left after few pages but this time ... drawing, cutting, tearing, folding, sticking kept me going. I managed to find a way how to express things without worlds and it help enormously.


Blackpool lights

Our last nigh of our holiday we spent in Blackpool and we walked and walked along the promenade and so enjoyed the beach during the day and the lights at night.

what a beautiful landscape

The English weather was good so our camping holiday in York and Lake district was wonderful. I did take my Christmas crochet project with me but ... i couldn't walk through the villages and landscape and work on it and in the evenings the sun went down and it was time for bed.


Shoe box appeal toys

All my Shoe box appeal have faces now :-)

Yes i finally done all the faces on my crochet toys and some look cute, some look ok and some still look scary. The collection is growing steadily and i have to say it is going to be hard to part with some of them, but i know they are for kids for Christmas so i will send them all.


everyday progress in my diary ...

Oh yes I'm still working on my diary and ... i do like cut and glue :-) It is getting more colour full and there is so much hidden meeting in it that is it really surprising me.

Last nigh a went to bed and remembered that i haven't done a page in my diary so i got up, went for my diary and i ended up for good half a hour drawing branches - what a way to finish a day.

And I'm so proud of my crocheted giraffe - it looks cute and not rude any more and even the face is nice and not scare. The next job is to make faces on all my toys and then take photos and show you.


experiment / tutorial

For a while my family had been collecting crisp packets for me so i can weave something amazing from them but ... weawing them is hard work so after seeing tutorial on http://lilblueboo.blogspot.com/ i decided to iron them and then sew them into bag, needle holder, project bag etc. So far it work out ok.
Proccess: i cut the bags into strips and wiped the inside with a kitchen rool. Then I aranged it on the ironing board between two sheets of a greasproof paper. I iron it for a few second and then added to it to form shapes i wanted. I let it cool for 24 hours and today i'll iron it again and then try hand sew it into project bag.


picture frame

Inspiration for this came from one shop in Oxford.
I took a cosmetic magazine and cut out strips which i rolled over a knitting needle and glued it to form tubes. When i had enough tubes i got old picture frame from charity shop and glued all my tube around it to hide the wooden frame - instead you see all the colourful tubes. I'm going to go on hunt for more frames and this time I'm going to use travel brochure.


I have to say big thank you to all penpalls who reacted to my ad in Simply Knitting magazine. Wow what a response and from all over = Swanse, London, North Wales, Leeds, Essex, Shrewsbuty, Ireland, New Zealand, Hampshire, Wales and even from just down the road.

diary progress

I still do sit down and do a page in my diary everyday and it is so therapeutic, i sit down without idea and just follow what ever first come to me and I'm more then half way through my diary - it looks like this is going to be the first diary ever which i fill up.


Second Entrelac Hat

Second one does not have a hole in the middle ... but look slightly different to the pattern :-)

based on Fourth Grade Hat by Abby Franquemont on Ravelry. Thanks Abby.

Entralac is so much fun to knit. Firstly I wasn't sure about turning the project over and over - all done on 4 needles but thanks to YouTube learned to back knit and it was great learning experience.

Try it!

I'm adding this hat to the Shoe box appeal so i hope it will keep warm some kid or teenager.


Friendhip chain of yarn

Through to JF knitting club I've done a link for The Friendship chain of yarn. How thoughtful idea is this project.

My note added to my link:
Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present. (quote by Babatunde Olatunji)
With this link I'm sending support and positive thoughts. I've been to hell and back so i know there is a way = life. Fight if you have to, love if you can and always take small steps.

Have you ever been in a black hole without any lights? I have been there, someday's i'm still there but thanks to hard work and support of my husband, friends and stranges in knitting clubs i'm recovering and hoping for happy from now on. Thank you everybody.


todays beautiful chaos & jewellery

I sat at front of the bland page of my diary and this beautiful chaos came out. Some day it is so easy to just pick something and create but today i had to make myself to just start and then is just flows. When i look over the pages I'd done i do like patterns and stripes but not too much colour.

Today i had look at the jewellery box and ... the top necklace is from metal shaped rings which i crochet around and then wrap cotton around them to form another beautiful chaos.
The red and black bead set is simple black beads and red stones beads i got in the beads shop in London on a french knitted thread.
And then i tried to play with FIMO to make beads but it didn't happen as i planned, I mixed red, purple, blue & red and make nice beads but then when making a hole in the middle deform them so instead of beads i flatten them and slightly twisted to form another beautiful chaos. Job for today is to put it on some cotton/thread to finish it and hopefully I'll like it enough to wear it.
And the next project is to make the wooden beads into crochet balls and then making probably necklace, but maybe i knit and maybe macrene abound them - more experimenting is needed but will keep you posted on the progress.

so now I'm going to read all other blogs i follow and then I'm plugging myself into my ipod and concentrating on creating more beautiful chaos :-)


Have you ever kept a diary?

I started a few bud always gave up after a while. However this one is differnt - i'm not writting in it but dealing with my thoughs in little bit more artistic way. Same pages i draw, some pages i weave, some pages i cut & glue and on some i fold. I'm taking little time every day for one page and somehow even without the words i'm sorting my depressed soul. I'm on way to a happy life again.
As well as my usual email not i also get crafty newsletters (Knittingdaily, Beadingdaily, Crochetme, Mrthastewart etc.) and today i had a link to a new handmade directory (findithandmade.net). Do check it out, there is so much inspiration. I lost myself in the Cafe Handmade (a weekly virtual craft show).
Anyway enough blogging for this morning i'm going back to knitting - slow progress on all projects to report tomorrow.

On way to Witney knitters club

Yes i was on my way, i packed my bike panniers with my current projects and spare clothes and i got to my friends house and fed her rabbit but then the next stop was meeting place = the pub but .... i didn't make it, sorry ladies. I was so looking forward meeting you all. And now i have to wait 4 weeks again :-(


The first post on my blog

Hi world

I'm one of many berries out there and I'm creative one. This blog is where i will report on my crafty progress in many activities of my life. I like YARN CRAFTS (knit, crochet, macrame, cross stitch) PAPER CRAFT (card making, lace cutting, origami, crapbooking) JEWELLERY MAKING and as i'm studying to be an architect i also like to draw and model make.

So first taste of my current projects: from left to right:
1. purple knit/crochet top for me - it is based on Bold Belle from Simply knitting 56 but ... the knitting part was too boring to do so i'm using fancy pattern stitch from Bergere de France, Coton Fifty and i'm planning to crochet not just the yoke but also sleeves.
2. my macrame handbag - the handles came with knitting magazine and again i'm changing the pattern from knitting to macrame - yes i like to change things to my style/ liking.
3. my first entrelac hat - free pattern from Ravelry - i'm making my second now purple/blue and hopefully this one is not going to have a hole in the middle.

4. toys which i'm crochetting for the shoe box appeal

i started on my own and put a poster in my village asking for spare yarn and my mother in law gave me some as well as one lady which game me nearly 10 ball of new yarn so i'm going to be busy till the dealine.

and that is enought for today. I hope you enjoy it and believe i do enjoy craft as craft is what saved me from bad bad bad depression and now i'm on way to recovery and to happy life.