I suffer from pain ... headache, joints pain, all over pain .... it affect my everyday life. I simply don't know what more i can do. I take painkillers, i go for walks, i sleep even during the day to get by, I drawn the pain in hot bath but the pain is still in my life


Path of life

My life path got very tangled and it is not even heading in the same direction as the "right path of my life" ....

Eynsham Yarn Club

Our Yarn Club got little bit smaller, just three of us in our local pub with crochet hook, knitting needles and all colours and types of yarn ... what a nice evening in a very creative company.


We all read papers or magazines but what do you pick up on. This is what popped up at me one day in one paper - why is our society so dark? How can you be positive when there is so much bad stories?


I loved those black and white images and started this page without any intentions, i just kept doing it and it ended up as an expedition to my frozen heart.

Third diary

I'm starting diary No.3. I will use all media and will not limit myselt to just one colour or style - new experinces ...


I truly can't believe that i never managed to keep a diary and in last 7 months I fill 2!


middle part of my blue diary

blue blue blue blue day of my life

first part of my blue diary

after few pages i decided that this is going to be blue diary - no other colours and i can't have black/bad day ... only blue

new diary

Yes I'm still struggling with depression. I know it is up to me to get out of this black hole but it is really hard. I don't do page in my diary everyday as I'm trying to do other things but my diary is still my escape, my way to express what I'm feeling inside without use of worlds.

wonderful white stuff

I love snow and I'm loving our current weather. Our village is little bit cut off - the buses now go around instead of through but my hubby is managing ok to drive to work and I'm loving being snowed in. I built a proper snowman in our garden and yesterday he fallen over but it is snowing today again so i think I'll outside later building another one :-) Yes I'm an adult but the snow put smile on my face and i just have to.