catching up

Before Christmas I bought my first book about crochet and ... my sister-in-law got as a wedding present a white lace shawl based on Doris Chan pattern from Amazing Crochet Lace. It took me four months to make it and I had to adapt the instructions to suit the fine cotton and smalll hook but at the end it was worth it. It looked great on Sarah's shoulders. The pattern was very easy to remember and I can imagine that If I used the suggested 5.5mm hook it would have been finish in few weeks instead of four months. I'm already picking another project from the same book.

Yes it has been a long time since I updated my blog. My excuse is that I had too many deadlines for uni. But now all that is finished so I'M BACK!
Of course I never really stopped crafting, we did manage to watch telly in the evenings and that is when I crochet or knit. I tried to do cross stitch but as a beginner I have do concentrate on what I'm doing so unable to follow CSI at the same time. Yes CSI (all of them) are one of our favourite programmes on television.
So what I was doing lately between the shawl and socks was a set in my favourite colour - purple. I made cover for my iPod, sock for my mobile and the latest addition is a change bag.

Yes I got the socks bug ... my husband is proudly wearing the first pair I made on set of double pointed needles (well, he wore them once and then treasured them for a week before putting them in a washing, he wasn't sure how delicate they are - isn't the just sweet?!.
So now friend on mine would like a pair of socks for her birthday at the end of June. This time I'm learning from a book by Melissa Morgan-Oakes 2-at-a-time-socks and so far not so good, I'm on my third attempt. The first one were too big. The second pair fallen to bits after I managed to pull the long circular needle apart - yes now I know I have to push the stitches along not to pull the needle.
Now I'm on my third attempt and as you can see for your self, I have the laddering on both socks. I'm not happy. It doesn't matter how tight the yarn is before and after the needle change it is still visible. help!


  1. lovely FOs. I've never knit socks that way so I'm no help!

  2. Darn it! I have the book and failed to knit socks from it. When I saw the pic I got all excited thinking you may be able to help me, then I read the blog post.........