todays beautiful chaos & jewellery

I sat at front of the bland page of my diary and this beautiful chaos came out. Some day it is so easy to just pick something and create but today i had to make myself to just start and then is just flows. When i look over the pages I'd done i do like patterns and stripes but not too much colour.

Today i had look at the jewellery box and ... the top necklace is from metal shaped rings which i crochet around and then wrap cotton around them to form another beautiful chaos.
The red and black bead set is simple black beads and red stones beads i got in the beads shop in London on a french knitted thread.
And then i tried to play with FIMO to make beads but it didn't happen as i planned, I mixed red, purple, blue & red and make nice beads but then when making a hole in the middle deform them so instead of beads i flatten them and slightly twisted to form another beautiful chaos. Job for today is to put it on some cotton/thread to finish it and hopefully I'll like it enough to wear it.
And the next project is to make the wooden beads into crochet balls and then making probably necklace, but maybe i knit and maybe macrene abound them - more experimenting is needed but will keep you posted on the progress.

so now I'm going to read all other blogs i follow and then I'm plugging myself into my ipod and concentrating on creating more beautiful chaos :-)

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